Monday, May 8, 2017

Air leaks occur around the envelope of any building, a result of the construction process. Air infiltrates a home as a result of a home’s natural “breathing.” As air escapes through the top of a home, outside air enters through penetration points around the home’s exterior.

Air sealing is the process of reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of a home. It is an important step to reduce energy costs, reduce drafts and cold spots, help to keep out pests and allergens, and can increase the overall air quality inside a home.

At one time it was believed air leaks created proper home ventilation. Today’s building science proves this isn’t the case. Uncontrolled air leaks can cause too much or too little air to enter or leave the home. Either situation can result in poor indoor air quality.

Air sealing is a very important part of home energy efficiency – but it doesn’t eliminate the need for proper insulation. For homeowners looking to insulate and seal air leaks, spray foam insulation is a perfect solution.

When applied, spray foam insulation expands to fill a cavity. The product is applied as a liquid and expands to 100 times its volume. As a result the product fills cracks and crevices in a cavity and expands to seal these gaps. With one application, your home is insulated and air sealed!

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